Robbed in Vegas

Woke at about 6:30 a.m.on the eighth floor of the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas this morning(03/23/2006).
I set out to shoot photos on Fremont Street.
I had never been there but was told I should go here for good pictures, that it was old town Las Vegas.
I took a taxi from the Sahara down to Fremont Street and talked with the Taxi driver on our short ride of a couple miles. He is from Cuba where he worked (but I can't remember what the man did in Cuba) earning $10 month.
Here in Vegas he says he has a house and one condominium.
Taxi drivers are the best for conversation. He says a doctor in Cuba makes about 300 pesos a month.
So he dropped me off, I handed him a ten, which included a tip of about $2.00.
And I walk all along Fremont Street. It was lame.
They have a light show called the "Main Street Experience". It all seems like a desperate attempt to be what they were before the new trendy strip grew.
The structure for the light show hangs over a couple blocks of the street like scaffolding. The metal mess is just as gaudy as the town itself.
You could say it is Vegas-like. So I walked on down, kept walking looking for the cowboy dude in neon lights we all see when we think of old Las Vegas.
I never found it, but instead found a rundown town the farther I walk down the street.
Many building were abandoned. The weather was pleasant but who really cares. About seventy degrees, sunny and a bright blue sky. Enough on that.
I was shooting the pictures I wanted, another face of Vegas.

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