Mitrovica Kosovo and the Media Theatre
In this corner (the north of Kosovo) weighing in with some blabber from Russia… the Serbs of Mitrovica.
And in this corner (the south part of Mitrovica) weighing in with the powder puff, marshmallow tossing U.N. and NATO… the Albanian Kosovars.
Folks, it looks like this could go many rounds as the U.N. team is showing amazing stamina with assistance from many coaches and trainers at their side. And for the Serbs, well, they have only one coach in the corner who I can't imagine really gives a shit about 30,000 Serbs in southern Serbia, or Northern Kosova, or Kosovo, but as a matter of showing their oily muscles they are propelling the hope of the passionate Serbs.
And in the middle of the ring, the media. The tight pictures of the theatrics performed just for us. And another flag (the U.N.'s) is burned, which took a while and it seemed to be made of a flame resistant material.
But then the younger crowd appeared and dressed as angel, one man delivers a white box labeled, "Pandora's Box". More creative but did they have to take a line from Russia?
It is quit a show folks, yet ticket sales are down as the U.S. is hosting the popular show at this time. The match between Hillary and Obama, and some mention of a John McCain? Whoever he is?
With some violence on the Kosovo/Serbia front, it seems more spectators are arriving.

Kosovo or Kosova Photography Is Posted

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