China Restaurant

I’m eating at the China Restaurant
that’s the name
China Restaurant
I’m listening to Handel’s Messiah
i think
whoever sings… hallelujah, hallelujah
they are buddhists
christmas carols continue
now it’s silver bells
she is beautiful, subtle, soft, a servant
calls me sir
i wonder if she keeps a journal
is she this submissive sexually
i will ask her
hell no
my vegetable tofu soup is $4.25
less than a value meal
and it serves two
now Bach’s ave maria
it is about the customer

Dead Man’s Shoes

I was looking at the dead man’s shoes
he wore a size ten and a half
he wore dress up shoes
the kind you polish
all black
is this wingtip?
whatever that is
he wore rockport
walking like loafer shoes
all black
two pairs almost identical
then he wore some dress up shoes
shoes you might see on a dinner cruise night
but I’ve never been on a cruise
so I don’t know really
the rockports he wore the most
the cruise dress up shoe he wore the least
his size is too big for me
I need a nine and a half
so I turn to his coats
I found an all wool tan coat
it was $3
I bought it
the clerk said it looks nice on me
I’m wearing it and I feel good in it
i’ll just move the buttons over a bit to tighten up the front


I got to go
kiss kiss
say her friends
she’s in love with the cashier
their car has no muffler
I order the Monday special
hot spicy chicken
includes french fries
a drink
the cashier was polite
he looked me in the eye
how are you today
sounded as if he meant it
I replied good, and you?
I’m doing good he says
he tells me he’ll bring it out
when it’s ready
I need spicy chicken
he calls back
I think, good,
this will be hot and fresh made
for only 2.99
on my tray, packed in what appears to be
cheap christmas card coupons
to me
the valued customer
2 days to christmas