China Restaurant

I’m eating at the China Restaurant
that’s the name
China Restaurant
I’m listening to Handel’s Messiah
i think
whoever sings… hallelujah, hallelujah
they are buddhists
christmas carols continue
now it’s silver bells
she is beautiful, subtle, soft, a servant
calls me sir
i wonder if she keeps a journal
is she this submissive sexually
i will ask her
hell no
my vegetable tofu soup is $4.25
less than a value meal
and it serves two
now Bach’s ave maria
it is about the customer


Published by

Nate Howard Photography | Montana

Nate Howard has traveled the world as a photojournalist. The photographs he sent to us were from, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, and Kosovo. Photography taken all around the world does not always have a lot of similarities, but what we were most impressed by was Mr. Howard’s ability to capture quiet human moments that made us feel like we knew the people photographed.

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