Dead Man’s Shoes

I was looking at the dead man’s shoes
he wore a size ten and a half
he wore dress up shoes
the kind you polish
all black
is this wingtip?
whatever that is
he wore rockport
walking like loafer shoes
all black
two pairs almost identical
then he wore some dress up shoes
shoes you might see on a dinner cruise night
but I’ve never been on a cruise
so I don’t know really
the rockports he wore the most
the cruise dress up shoe he wore the least
his size is too big for me
I need a nine and a half
so I turn to his coats
I found an all wool tan coat
it was $3
I bought it
the clerk said it looks nice on me
I’m wearing it and I feel good in it
i’ll just move the buttons over a bit to tighten up the front


Published by

Nate Howard Photography | Montana

Nate Howard has traveled the world as a photojournalist. The photographs he sent to us were from, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, and Kosovo. Photography taken all around the world does not always have a lot of similarities, but what we were most impressed by was Mr. Howard’s ability to capture quiet human moments that made us feel like we knew the people photographed.

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