Haiku by Jannel, my amazing daughter

Jannel, age 12, writes poetry in the form of haiku.
Outside the window
water bubbles from a rock
big black rock is mossy
Children play outside
swings are going back and forth
people walk around
Walking dogs at park
little puppies very cute
dog shakes fur around
Great truck rolls in
it's for watering flowers
truck meets with other
Dragon fly is rushing by
Cars in parking lot
many cars are parked in there
brick furniture truck
No one on the lake
the lake looks very pretty
geese are swimming by
– Jannel Howard, age 12, 2009


Published by

Nate Howard Photography | Montana

Nate Howard has traveled the world as a photojournalist. The photographs he sent to us were from, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, and Kosovo. Photography taken all around the world does not always have a lot of similarities, but what we were most impressed by was Mr. Howard’s ability to capture quiet human moments that made us feel like we knew the people photographed.

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