Don’t go thinking I didn’t try.

Don't go thinking I didn't try.
I drove 80 miles an hour
to see you
in a darkness
where you check your lights
thinking, "I don't have my high beams on"
but you discover you do
And October snow
stuck on the road signs
and what I thought was 30 was 60
and at 80 miles an hour
I saw the deer in the road side ditches
And I think they looked at me wondering
"Who is she?"
And I imagined hitting one of these deer
and at such a speed
I would pass through it like an archers arrow
And stay the course.
the night, the road, it all curved
and I raced my Cavalier
and I stayed the course
Knowing you would be asleep.
I stayed the course away from home
in room #143 at the Austin Motel.
I stayed the course knowing I would be closer to you.
Knowing I would pass near you.
I didn't eat,
I pissed in a grocery bag
saving time
blazing past the deer
I wanted to be with you
I want to be with you
I want to be with you
You know that word?
To be always
with you
and I motored on,
and time slowed as I passed you
and I began composing
how you are the red flashing lights in the distance
Is that you?
Of course.
Inhale and exhale
fade in, fade out
Don't you go thinking I didn't try
But trying is fucked
next time I won't try
I will be.

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Published by

Nate Howard Photography | Montana

Nate Howard has traveled the world as a photojournalist. The photographs he sent to us were from, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, and Kosovo. Photography taken all around the world does not always have a lot of similarities, but what we were most impressed by was Mr. Howard’s ability to capture quiet human moments that made us feel like we knew the people photographed.

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