when you're wasted
at 1 in the afternoon
Go and find yourself a loaded gun.
You find yourself a rabbit on the run
And the silence gives to the blast
and stillness
blood freezes on the snow
North of Lyle, MN
right off the tracks
reddish, orange sky
the sun was setting
One farm was in the distance
and in the other
was nothing.



Rabbit hunting

There was a loud bang when the rabbit exploded from the snow covered brush.
There was a soft breeze when death told the rabbit hush.

– march 2001



Here comes winter.
Slumber into white.
Rain to ice to snow.

Eyes watering, gasping for air.
Breathe through your nose.

Will it stick?
What's the weather?
You remember the winter of…?

Rusty red pick-up,
among dead leaves ,
glistening from November rain.

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not yet

I'll wait for you
you, waiting for me.
To find home
Having never been there
Those red lights again
Guess my intention
Got more to share
than a friend
Gonna run out the back door
Gonna be forever more
You photographed the coffe cups

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