Roller Skating – Nate Howard

Blazing down a hill on roller skates, with a speedometer.
The tractor in the field to my right keeps up my ridiculous speed at 55 mph and he’s pulling a mower, cutting down corn stalks for silage.
And the operator, a young man, grins with pride, working his dad’s land at such a pace.
We meet eyes, he gleams with the advances of technology in his hands.
He’s confident, hot-dogging in his tractor.
I’m struck with panic, I can’t slow down, I’ve never roller-skated this fast.
Surely he sees my fear.
Approaching a turn in the road, unable to make the turn and the gravel of the shoulder nears so I jump out of my skates.
Barefoot, I touch down like a jet plane, running, frantically running to keep my feet under me.
But my legs are heavy and feet lagging behind.
With my eyes wide open, I make a push to run faster.
I feel my body rise upright.
I’m going to make it!
With a secure stride I slow myself, and stop.

Published by

Nate Howard Photography | Montana

Nate Howard has traveled the world as a photojournalist. The photographs he sent to us were from, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, and Kosovo. Photography taken all around the world does not always have a lot of similarities, but what we were most impressed by was Mr. Howard’s ability to capture quiet human moments that made us feel like we knew the people photographed.

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